Massage * Yoga   

Massage * Yoga * Veda Herbs 

About Me

My Services 

Modalities offered include:

* Advanced Massage Body Work 

*Authentic Yoga - Yoga Instruction

*Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching

*Ayurveda Dosha Pulse Reading 

*Medical Style Therapeutic Body Work

for the relief of chronic soft tissue tension and pain.  

*Mantra Meditation Instruction.  

16 Years Professional Massage/Therapeutic Body Work Experience: 

Therapeutic/Medical Style Massage Therapeutic/Private Yoga Instruction  

Ayurveda Wellness Support 

Trained by masters in the field of health and wellness, with well over 1000 hours in clinical/massage/body work/

healing/wellness/yoga/Ayurveda  training with 16 years of  'hands on' massage/body work experience, I look forward to supporting you in your health.